Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cambodia - People of the Lake

The Tonle Sap lake is the biggest lake in SE Asia and home for few comunities which are living in suspended/floating villages.

Houses are built on stils and people are using boats for their dailly business.

Children are learning how to handle a boat in the same time they learn how to walk.

The goods people need are all coming on the wather including a boat - shop selling everything from chewing gum to rice and rope.

In the last year the village became sort of a touristic atraction. Boats like this are bringing tourists to see the wonder.

The walls of the houses are built out of knited young branches harvested in the nearby floaded forest.

Tonlé Sap is one of the most productive inland fisheries in the world, supporting over 3 million people and providing over 75% of Cambodia's annual inland fish catch and 60% of the Cambodians' protein intake(Source Wikipedia).The main ocupation of the lake people is obviously fishery.

Children which are lucky enough to get an education are brought to the floating school by boat.

So if you go there and have enough of the magnificent Ankgor Wat temples, visit the people of the lake .

stay alert for the Ankgor Wat update.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008